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Ichiban Fish House – Spring Garden

Ichiban is my default go-to sushi place near home. The prices are reasonable, the portions are large and they serve good quality sashimi. I may have them programmed into my phone for the occasional after work, on my way home, take-out run. Atmosphere: Like many Japanese restaurants, there’s a lot of wood in the decor.

Beer Bistro

Beer Bistro is one of my go-to restaurants in the financial district because of it’s great location (right at King and Yonge, King TTC station) strong food menu and of course their vast beer selection. I stopped by this year on St. Patrick’s day for a few drinks and real food before heading off to

Boar Sandwich Shop

I was very excited upon hearing that the owner of Black Camel was opening another sandwich shop, just down the street from my work. Considering I happily make the trek via TTC to Black Camel at lunch, having Boar within walking distance could be dangerous and amazing. Atmosphere: The shop is small. There are only

Miga Korean & Japanese

Korean BBQ is always a crowd pleasure for my family of carnivores. While I enjoy the higher quality meat at non-AYCE Korean BBQ venues, with a teenage brother, the AYCE option is usually a better value for my family. Relative to Toronto, the price tag for AYCE is a steeper in Mississauga, ~$25/person compared to

Song Cook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant

Song Cook’s is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in “Toronto”. Even though I live in North York and have a plentiful selection of Korean options near me, I will happily go North to visit Song Cook’s whenever the suggestion is made. Their menu has a wide assortment of dishes outside the typical Pork Bone