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Miga Korean & Japanese

Korean BBQ is always a crowd pleasure for my family of carnivores. While I enjoy the higher quality meat at non-AYCE Korean BBQ venues, with a teenage brother, the AYCE option is usually a better value for my family. Relative to Toronto, the price tag for AYCE is a steeper in Mississauga, ~$25/person compared to

Song Cook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant

Song Cook’s is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in “Toronto”. Even though I live in North York and have a plentiful selection of Korean options near me, I will happily go North to visit Song Cook’s whenever the suggestion is made. Their menu has a wide assortment of dishes outside the typical Pork Bone

Falasca SPQR

Since Falasca opened, I’ve only heard great things about their pizza and finally made it for lunch last week. We arrived at around 12:30 and there was still a line to the door from the counter. At lunch time, Falasca offers 8 pizza choices from their extensive menu. Each slice is cut to order and

Emerald Chinese Dim Sum

Emerald  has been my family’s go to dim sum place for the past decade despite the long lines (even longer on Holiday weekends) because of the authenticity and consistent quality of their dishes. The trick is to get a table before 10am, 10:30am at the latest if you don’t want to take a number and

Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen originated in Japan and now has many locations throughout Asia, the US and two in Canada. Continuing my ramen tour through Toronto, Santouka was at the top of my list based on other blogger and friend reviews on the authenticity and delicious broth (my favourite part of ramen, I can overlook ok noodles