Best Ramen

Back in 2014, I wrote about my favourite ramen shops in Toronto. Since then, I’ve managed to cross a few more restaurants off my bucket list and more new names have popped up in the city. It’s about time to refresh my list. My rating criteria has remained the same and I’ve only included restaurants that serve only ramen, not including Izakayas who have ramen on the menu or any Chinese noodle shops. I’ve also listed the restaurant’s previous ranking next to their new ranking. In general, many of the new entries rank high and Kinton has improved several spots. This was mainly due to how accessible they are and with the new North York location, The Hubby and I are there often. 

Best Ramen

What I look for in a bowl of ramen are three things:

  1. The noodles – are they chewy? has a good texture? not doughy and not over done?
  2. The broth – is it rich? how much fat is there? is it bland? and even for me, is it too salty?
  3. The toppings – what’s included? is there an egg? how’s the meat cooked? garlic paste? bamboo? seaweed? is there a good portion and balance?

Based on these criteria, here’s my ranking of Toronto Ramen shops (as of Aug. 2016)

1 (1)Sansotei – 5.0 $ @ 179 Dundas St W
2 (-)Ramen Isshin – 4.5 $ @ 421 College St
3 (5)Kinton Ramen – 4.5 $ @ 5165 Yonge St
4 (-)Ryu’s Noodle Bar – 4.0 $ @ 33 Baldwin St
5 (-)Momofuku Noodle Bar – 4.0 $$ @ 190 University Ave
6 (2)Santouka – 4.5 $ @ 91 Dundas St E
7 (3)Niwatei Ramen – 4.5 $ @ 3160 Steeles Ave E
8 (-)Hakata Shoryuken Ramen – 3.5 5321 Yonge St
9 (5)Ramen Raijin – 3.5 $ @ 3 Gerrard St E
10 (6)Touhenboku Ramen – 3.5 $ @ 261 Queen St W
11 (7)Ryoji Ramen – 3.5 $$ @ 690 College St
12 (8)Kenzo – 3.5 $ @ 4860 Yonge St

Still TBE (To Be Eaten)

  • Jinya Toronto
  • Ramen Kyouka

Did I miss your favourite restaurant? Let me know in the comments. Last Updated: 08/04/2016

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