IMG_3594I’m terrible at writing about myself, fair warning given.

Quick Facts

  • I love to eat
  • I went to The University of Toronto for Engineering and lived near campus for all 4 years.
  • I have a huge sweet tooth (macarons <3) but no patience to bake for myself.
  • I don’t wake up without caffeine so I have a soft spot for all-day breakfasts with endless coffee.
  • My other passions besides food are travelling and writing. I’m a huge fan of street food and am up to trying almost anything (horse sashimi, tortoise, snake, check check check).
  • I am not in the food industry nor do I write for a living, although it will always be a dream. I’m just a huge fan.

Why xiaoEats?

Two reasons. One, my name is Xiao and I like to eat. Two, it’s a pun on the Chinese term “xiao chi, 小吃”, which translates to “little eats” and refers to snacks, tapas style dishes and small appetizers in Chinese.

What camera do I use?

Depending on what I have with me, photos on the blog have been shot with either:
– iPhone 6s
– Canon s95
– Canon 6D with Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART

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Rating System

The way I rate restaurants isn’t necessarily linear. For me, my top priority is always “how’s the food?”. Service and atmosphere are bonus, extra toppings on the sundae. Basically, if the food is good, I’ll pay any price and be very patient with service. My ratings also tend to skew high. This is because I do a lot of research before ever entering a restaurant. I wouldn’t go to a place that has poor reviews or bring friends and family. Luckily, I haven’t yet had to rate any restaurant 2.0. I also try not to visit new restaurants until their one year anniversary. This gives them time to iron out kinks in their menu and food.

[$] <20; [$$] <40; [$$$] <80; [$$$$] >80

5.0 Excellent, <3 the food, worth the $
4.5 Good, good price
4.0 Good, $$ would re-visit
3.5 Meh, but low $ would re-visit
3.0 Meh, would not re-visit
2.0 Did not like