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New York – Sushi Nakazawa

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is one of my favourite documentaries. After watching the film I had dreams of visiting Chef Jiro Ono’s 3 Michelin star restaurant but after learning how difficult it was to secure a reservation, I had little hope of them ever coming true. While planning our trip in 2016 to New York

Tokyo – Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton

From day 1 of my maternity leave, Stephen and I talked about taking a trip to Asia before I returned to work. The idea of a long haul flight was daunting but after a successful visit to Seattle when Alivia was 5 months old, we crossed our fingers and booked tickets to Japan with a

Juicy Dumpling

Last December, Stephen and I were downtown for a restaurant event that left us in search of a second dinner. Having parked in Chinatown we decided to check out Juicy Dumpling, a new shop that had opened in September specializing in xiao long bao with super low prices ($2.99 for 6 baos). Atmosphere: The quick

Toca Saturday Brunch

After a wonderful dinner experience at Toca, I was very excited to be invited to the launch of their new Italian Saturday Brunch buffet. Even more so after seeing the menu, which included Canadian lobster tails, oysters, crab legs, cheeses from their cheese cave and smoked salmon. Also, bottomless mimosas and bellinis. Yes yes and

Amsterdam – Ramen-Ya

I have to confess, after weeks of feasting on pasta and pizza throughout Italy, both Stephen and I were craving Asian flavours. We had walked around Amsterdam’s Chinatown the night before and were drooling over the BBQ ducks hanging in shop windows and the aroma of stir fry. After a quick Google search, we headed