Brunch is my favourite meal of the day next to dinner. I’m never very hungry first thing in the morning, but by brunch time I’m happy to  indulge in a larger and usually more savory meal, and with less guilt (two meals in one!). After my visit to Farmhouse Tavern, they are now my favourite brunch place in the city and I can not stop recommending them to all of my friends.

Atmosphere: Stepping into Farmhouse Tavern, it felt like walking into a cottage. There was a lot of cowboy kitsch, and the walls were filled with unmatched frames. I also liked the unmatched mugs and plates, and the setting felt very comfortable. We sat in the dining area in front of the kitchen and the bench was lined with mismatched cushions. It really felt like a Sunday at the cottage, with a collection of serving ware from different times, places and people, ready to present a great meal.

Service: We didn’t have to wait long for a table. I could see it being a little awkward on a busy day as the front door opens into the dining area. You’d be waiting in the middle of the room, surrounded by tables. The menu items are written on the chalkboard, but with little to no description. Some were self explanatory (steak and eggs) but what’s a Cover Girl? Our server, who looked like a blonde Anna Kendrick, was happy to go over each item for us and even repeat some descriptions while we went back and forth on what to order. Coffees were refilled and our server chatted with us while the credit transaction was being processed.

Food: After asking about every item on the menu, the BF and I settled on the Mother and Child Reunion (two poached duck eggs, deep fried, with slices of cured duck breast) with the addition of Foie Gras and the Hangover Poutine (fries, with gravy, cheese curds, pulled pork and topped with a fried egg).

Both dishes were mouth watering. The layers of the poutine complimented each other and there was no clashing or over seasoning between the pulled pork and the gravy. The fried egg had a beautiful runny yolk and the curds were melted goodness. This dish on paper, easily sounded too heavy with all of the components, but somehow it wasn’t. We finished every bite of the dish and I would highly recommend it, hungover or not.

I also liked the mother and child. I do like the taste of duck and really enjoyed all the different parts of the dish. The foie gras is a must, if it’s something you partake in. It was creamy, and nutty and I loved every bite. There were only a few pieces of the thinly sliced cured duck breast, but each was very flavourful. I loved the crunch of the deep fried, poached duck eggs, which weren’t greasy and still had a nice runny yolk. The piece of bread that came with this dish was also crusty and buttered heavy handily. It was a great addition to dip into the yolks, but not absorbent to soak any up that spilled on your plate.

It was a great meal, and I can’t wait to be back.





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