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Turkey Gok Jai

In our household, I fondly refer to the months from October to February as Celebration Season. The holidays begin with Thanksgiving in October, followed by Stephen’s birthday, then mine in November, Christmas, Lunar New Year and wrap up at the end of February with Alivia’s birthday. Lunar New Year has always been one of my

Turkey Cheese Dip

The holidays this year will be different from what we’re used to. Smaller, more intimate but no less festive. Our tree is up, my Christmas playlist has been on repeat since December 1st and we’ve already built two giant snowmen. While Stephen and I won’t be hosting any social gatherings this year, we are still

Turkey Flower Buns

Somehow Stephen and I have made it this long without an air fryer. His parents have raved about theirs for months and even brought the appliance over to our house once to make dinner. When we were contacted to continue working with the Turkey Farmers of Canada in collaboration with CHEFMAN to test out their

Milk Buns

Like everyone else on our social media feed, Stephen has become a baker this year. He’s even earned the title of “master baker” from Alivia. While his no-knead bread is essential to my avocado toast breakfast, it’s his milk buns that’s won her heart. We’ve followed China Sichuan Food‘s recipe to a tee until the

3 Cup Turkey

As the temperature outside cools and our backyard fills with leaves to be raked, our menu at home has slowly been taken over by stews and soups. We’re still juggling childcare with Alivia being at home from daycare, which makes time management and meal prep top priorities. Having extra portions of protein to pair with