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Potato Salad

The first time I had Stonemill Kitchens’ homestyle potato salad was at my friend’s baby shower. We’ve known each for almost two decades and her parents are like family. Dinner that night featured some of her mom’s delicious cooking as well as samosas brought by a friend and this seriously delicious potato salad. Stephen and

Turkey Siu Mai

Dimsum is more than just a meal or a category of items on a menu. It’s a Sunday tradition where my little brother ate nothing but char siu baos until he was in high school. It’s weekly lunches in Chinatown with friends during university and agreeing that 3 people was the optimal number for sharing

Crispy Skin Chicken

Cooking a whole chicken may be daunting and not be in everyone’s comfort zone, but it’s my favourite way to enjoy the protein and I highly recommend finding a recipe to try out. From roasting to rotisserie to deep frying, there are endless options. There’s also so many delicious cuts of chicken aside from breast,

Stir Fried Pork Kidney

My mom is an amazing cook. Growing up, she made everything from scratch and from dumplings to tong yuan to the best red braised pork belly. She’s the one who ignited my love of food, specifically eating, and I loved spending time in the kitchen as her sous chef. For special occasions, she’d plan out

Coconut Shrimp Curry

I admit, I put some kind of hot sauce on 98% of my food before eating it. Our fridge is filled with various bottles and jars because every dish has a different and appropriate spice pairing. Stephen makes his own chili oil for me, which I’ve already gotten Alivia into, and my parents made their