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Smoked Turkey Cherry Burgers

Although Stephen BBQs all year round, he only starts smoking things once warmer weather arrives. Last year, we made smoked Turkey Legs regularly. This year, we started thinking, what else can we smoke? Stephen came up with this recipe for Smoked Turkey Cherry Burgers that was phenomenal, and we had all the ingredients handy in

Turkey Egg Roll in a Bowl

Growing up, getting Canadian Chinese takeout was a rarity. My mom cooked everything from scratch and if we were eating out, it was usually for dim sum, Sichuan or Japanese cuisine. When I started visiting malls in high school, I quickly fell in love with teriyaki noodles and of course egg rolls. This recipe for

Chefs Plate Oven Baked Fish Tacos

Chef’s Plate is one of the first meal kit companies we worked with, back in 2015, and I’m still a fan today. While the company has evolved, their boxes remain a great value with quick, simple recipes, suitable for any level of cooking experience. Their online recipe hub is also a great resource for meal

Turkey Pizza Pockets

When I was in elementary school, pizza pockets were my go-to after school snack. We always had a box in the freezer and I burned my tongue often on the cheesy, saucy treat. When Alivia first started eating pizza, we would deconstruct her slice, toppings in a pile next to squares of cut up crust.

Air Fryer Roast Pork Belly

Whenever Stephen and I get Chinese BBQ, I waffle between the roast duck or charsiu while he, without any hesitation, orders two ribs of roast pork. It’s a dish we usually pick up for family dinners or special occasions. Thus with the lack of social gatherings, plus being at home for the past year, the