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Millstone Rice Rolls

Congee and rice rolls, the kind of comfort food I crave during cold weather, stress, or simply when it’s been awhile. When I noticed Millstone Rice Rolls pop up on Uber Eats this year, I was checking all of those boxes and so ready to order. Ordering: I ordered via Uber Eats for delivery and

Tan Da Ban

Pre-2020, I visited restaurants frequently, often dining out 3-4 times a week. Eating out or delivery though wasn’t my thing. Aside from sushi, I always preferred to cook a quick meal myself. What I loved about restaurants was the care and attention put into each dish, hot from the kitchen, people watching in the dining

Ration at Home

These days, Stephen and I order take-out at least once a week. As much as we have our favourite spots, it has become a struggle to decide what to order when options in our neighbourhood are limited and with Stephen being a great cook. Eating out was starting to lose its lustre until this weekend

Daan Go Cake Lab

During the past year, while we haven’t been able to celebrate in person, my favourite way to connect with family and friends has been with dessert. A surprise cake or box of macarons delivered on a birthday or anniversary has been a treat to send and receive. While we’ve tried a variety of bakeries in

Phoenix Restaurant Bayview

I’ve blogged about Phoenix Restaurant before and they are still one of our favourite Hong Kong cafes. Since moving to Richmond Hill, we’re closer to their Bayview location and have picked up takeout a few times during the past year. Basically whenever we’re craving Hainanese chicken. Ordering: The first time we ordered, I called the