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Ebisu Toronto

Japanese Izakayas are one of my favourite types of restaurants and I’m always on the lookout for new ones in Toronto. For me, the best kind of izakaya has a lively atmosphere, fresh sashimi, a variety of tapas dishes and an amazing drink menu. At first glance, Ebisu fits all of those requirements. The new

Paris – Le Petit Canard

As I was planning our trip to Paris I asked Stephen what he wanted to do, this being his first time visiting the city. His reply was croissants and foie gras. With that in mind, I set out to research restaurants. In general when I’m travelling, I like to limit the number of reservations to

Royal Tea House

Royal Teahouse was one of the first dim sum spots in Markham that I ever visited and I still remember their adorable hedgehog buns. I went to high school in Mississauga and and never ventured into the York region until university, where I met a group of friends all from Markham. During summer breaks, I

Eva’s Original Chimneys

Eva’s Chimney Cones was the food truck star of last summer serving up freshly baked doughnut cones filled with soft serve ice cream and topped with sauces, nuts or fresh fruit. There was always a line wherever Eva’s truck went, including their semi-permanent booth in front of Union Station. Eva’s now has a permanent home

Hungry Amoo

Middle Eastern cuisine is one that I’m not the most familiar with aside from falafel and shawarmas. However, it feels like there are more restaurants opening in Toronto with a menu featuring Middle Eastern flavours. Hungry Amoo is one of these new spots on Ossington in the Queen W neighbourhood that draws inspiration from all