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Hungry Amoo

Middle Eastern cuisine is one that I’m not the most familiar with aside from falafel and shawarmas. However, it feels like there are more restaurants opening in Toronto with a menu featuring Middle Eastern flavours. Hungry Amoo is one of these new spots on Ossington in the Queen W neighbourhood that draws inspiration from all

Piggy’s Restaurant

Piggy’s Restaurant is located on Yonge and one of my favourite Korean BBQ spots in the city. Stephen and I visit whenever I’m craving pork belly and I’ve also brought my parents and brother. The restaurant burns real charcoal under their grills and has special grates for cooking pork or beef. I had the chance

Beer Bistro

I work around Yonge and Eglinton and my husband Stephen typically travels for his job. He comes home late in the week and we spend the weekend juggling our social calendar between family and friends. This means when we do have a Friday to ourselves, we try to take full advantage of it, especially if

Light Cafe

Light Cafe was one of those restaurants that looked stunning on the screen. With a vibrant live wall, whimsical drinks and colourful desserts, the menu defined Instagrammable. Since we donโ€™t eat only with our eyes, I had high hopes that my tastebuds would be equally delighted, and for the most part they were. Light Cafe

Piano Piano

Stephen and I usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for dinner sometime in February. We like to avoid the actual day/weekend with its crowds and set menus, but rather use the event as an excuse to cross a restaurant off our wish list. This year we made a reservation at Piano Piano. I didn’t