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Ricarda’s Jazz Brunch

The idea of a boozy buffet brunch is pretty much heaven to me. A never ending flow of mimosas, perfectly runny eggs bennys and a selection of the flakiest pastries. Some of my fondest memories from travelling are actually of the decadent hotel breakfasts Stephen and I have enjoyed, especially at the The St. Regis

Sehmi Sushi

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, my family is fairly predictable. We always end up at either our favourite Szechuan restaurant, dim sum or with platters of sushi at home. All three restaurants being spots we’ve been visiting for over 15 years. Sehmi Sushi, located in a strip mall on the north west corner

Bento Sushi Heroes 2017

Every year Bento Sushi hosts a sushi competition, inviting their 2000 sushi chefs from all over the world to think outside of the box and create an innovative, new roll that will be offered for a limited time at Bento locations! The top 6 rolls, chosen by region, and their chefs gather in Toronto to

Versailles Palace + Laduree

During my second trip to Paris, my friend and I spent half a day in Versailles touring the palace. We had hoped to spend more time wandering the gardens and Marie Antoinette’s estate but had to get to Paris to meet friends in the afternoon. So when Stephen and I visited last year, I planned

Cuisine and Cuvee

As the weather warms up, Toronto comes out of hibernation and the season of summer events begins. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend Cuisine & Cuvee, in support of Providence Healthcare, with Karen and we spent the night sipping drinks and nibbling on tasty bites. This year’s event was held at Rebel and