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It seems like Stephen and I just got married yesterday (he may disagree haha), and yet here we are at the 5 year mark. Half a decade, 11 countries visited, 2 cars, 1 condo, 1 house, 1 cat farewell and 1 amazing Alivia. I almost feel like a real adult. This year’s celebrations are still

Momofuku Kojin

Back in 2019, before physical distancing and self isolation was our norm, Stephen and I celebrated his birthday at Momofuku Kojin. I have to admit I really miss dining out. Even though we scaled back our eating out habits last year, trying new restaurants was still something I looked forward to when we did. One


Last year, back during warmer days and patio weather, my friends and I stopped by Parallel for a relaxing weekday lunch. I enjoyed their hummus so much, I bought a jar of tahini home for Stephen to try. Service was friendly and accommodating for myself, a carnivore, and my friend, a vegetarian. Located on Geary

Toshi Ryoriten

Since going back to work after my maternity leave, finding time for just Stephen and I to connect has been a challenge. We’ve had the best intentions for monthly date nights but between work, constantly having a cold and trying to find time for ourselves, going out has not been realistic. What has worked is

Zen Sanuki Udon

With 3 new shops opening this year in the GTA, don’s popularity is clearly on the rise. The thick, bouncy wheat flour noodles have always been one of my favourites. Growing up, a pack of instant udon in some homemade chicken broth was often my go to after school snack. My first trip to Japan