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Dazzling Cafe

Dazzling Cafe is North York’s latest import from Taiwan. The cafe specializes in cute from pink and white walls to chairs with built in bunny ears. While the decor was perfect for selfies, the food and dessert menu was equally photogenic. Stephen and I visited for lunch along with a few other bloggers to sample


The restaurant scene in Toronto has always been hectic with dozens of doors opening and closing each month. In the competitive landscape, many new spots don’t hit their one year birthday. I usually try to visit restaurants only once they’ve hit the 6 months mark, giving them the opportunity to smooth out any service wrinkles

Naples – Dal Presidente + Di Matteo

No stop in Naples would be complete without Neapolitan pizza, lots and lots of pizza. True to my usual ambitious self, I planned for Stephen and I to hit 3 pizzerias, which proved to me one too many stops, even after a day of wandering around Pompeii. Conveniently, many of the best rated pizza spots

Game of Cheese

Game of Cheese is a new restaurant in Markham from the mind of Chef Frank, head chef at Kaka All You Can Eat, featuring a menu of fusion dishes that stars, of course, cheese. When I first heard about the concept, I wasn’t sure what kind of cuisine to expect. Cheese boards? Fondues? Cheesecake? Luckily,

Naples – A Day at Pompeii

Our first stop in Italy was the city of Naples. We flew directly from Paris via Air France and stayed for two nights. The flight was just over 2 hours and since we were travelling within European countries, we didn’t spend much time at either airports without a lengthy customs clearance. This was the first