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Do Eat Chinese

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I avoided spicy foods just in case the heat did nudge Alivia to join us earlier (had to move and what not before her due date). Since she’s joined us, I’ve still had to avoid anything super spicy because the few times I’ve added hot sauce to


Byblos is one of the vegetarian friendly restaurants I’ve been wanting to try out for years now with my friend and her fiance. It’s taken us this long to actually go because securing a reservation at the restaurant has been impossible with less than a week’s notice, sometimes even two or three for a Friday

Rome – Ai Tre Scalini

Stephen and I attempted to have dinner at Ai Tre Scalini our first night in Rome, but seeing a queue outside paired with our growling stomachs we ended up across the street at Le Tavernelle instead that night. Being prepared for a wait, we tried again for our last meal in the city. This time,

Liuyishou Hotpot

For me, no meal makes a cold night better than hot pot, the spicier the better. Stephen and I have been really good about cooking more at home this past year, including hot pot, but with just the two of us, our ingredient list is usually pared down to just the essentials. Even then, between

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Steamed rice noodle rolls (or Cheung Fun) is one of my favourite dim sum dishes. I love the slippery texture, the sweet and salty sauce and the savoury fillings. Yin Ji Chang Fen is a long standing chain from China specializing in the dish that recently opened up in Markham. They’re famous for their handmade