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Ai Sushi Richmond Hill

Ai Sushi’s Richmond Hill location has become my go to for whenever a sushi craving hits, which means we stop by pretty much every other week. Stephen and I have our usual order, #705, but I’ve also tried their chirashis and larger platters. Their quality and price are hard to beat but I have noticed

Cinque Terre – Monterosso al Mare

Another choice I made while planning our Italy trip was deciding between Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast. Between the two coastlines, what ultimately swung my decision was reading about the hiking at Cinque Terre. In all of my research, the Amalfi Coast had a more relaxed and resort feel while Cinque Terre seemed more active


With Alivia quickly approaching her half year birthday, I feel like I have a bit more room to breath. With a more predictable routine and less time attached to me (literally), I’ve been slowly coming out of my motherhood hibernation in search of delicious meals. A few weeks ago, Stephen and I enjoyed the summer

Sansotei Ramen Richmond Hill

Sansotei opened their Richmond Hill location last year, while we were still renovating the house and spending our weekends building kitchen cabinets. I was very excited for the new arrival to our neighbourhood. Stephen and I stopped by within the first week we moved and I visited again with a friend in May. While Sansotei’s

Do Eat Chinese

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I avoided spicy foods just in case the heat did nudge Alivia to join us earlier (had to move and what not before her due date). Since she’s joined us, I’ve still had to avoid anything super spicy because the few times I’ve added hot sauce to