Montreal – Maison Christian Faure

Whenever I’m in Montreal, I pick up a box of macarons. When The Hubby worked in Montreal, he’d occasionally surprise me with boxes from my favourite Montreal macaron shop and earn plenty of brownie points. During our trip in February, we stayed at a hotel in The Old Port and there was a slight blizzard. This meant the trek to the Eaton Centre was unappealing, even via underground. Instead, we decided stop by Maison Christian Faure, which was just down the street and had great reviews.

The bakery itself was elegant, with lots of white decor. A white geometric gazelle statue stood in the entranceway and large glass cases full of treats were on display as you entered. While snow fell outside, all of the tables inside the bakery were filled with people enjoying cakes and tea. We decided it was easier to grab a box of macarons and dig in back at the hotel.

That day, there were 10 flavours of macarons available so we grabbed one of each and doubled up on lemon and pistachio (the best flavours). Overall, I found the macarons very sweet. So for flavours like chocolate, the sweetness was overpowering. I liked the tart flavours more, there was a better balance. The shells of this batch were also hollow. I like my macarons light and airy, but this was disappointing.

Montreal – Maison Christian Faure
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