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Paris – Le Petit Canard

As I was planning our trip to Paris I asked Stephen what he wanted to do, this being his first time visiting the city. His reply was croissants and foie gras. With that in mind, I set out to research restaurants. In general when I’m travelling, I like to limit the number of reservations to

Paris – Day 1 (Eiffel Tower)

Last year, Stephen and I went to Europe together for the first time. Both of us had been to the continent before with friends, but never with each other. We debated between Italy and Spain. When a flight deal popped up for Italy via Paris and back through Amsterdam, our destination was decided for us.

Tojo’s Restaurant

Over a year later I’m finally writing the last post about my trip to Vancouver from 2015, dinner at Tojo’s, one of Vancouver’s most well-known and acclaimed Japanese restaurants. Besides procrastination, I’ve been delaying this post because I was disappointed in the meal. After eating at a handful of Japanese restaurants since, I grew even

Vancouver – Jinya Ramen Bar

Continuing my food adventure in Vancouver, I had grand plans to visit 3 ramen shops in one afternoon. We only managed to fit in two, as both stops had a minimum order of one bowl/person. Our first stop at Jinya Ramen Bar far outshined our second stop at Kintaro, which was disappointing in both their

Vancouver – Kirin Seafood Restaurant

During my short trip to Vancouver, dim sum was near the top of my must eats list. I reached out to a few Vancouver bloggers, and the consensus was to visit a location of Kirin Seafood, that was known to be a good balance between quality and price. My friends and I were able to