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Naples – A Day at Pompeii

Our first stop in Italy was the city of Naples. We flew directly from Paris via Air France and stayed for two nights. The flight was just over 2 hours and since we were travelling within European countries, we didn’t spend much time at either airports without a lengthy customs clearance. This was the first

Louvre + Ippudo Paris

Stephen is a not an art gallery person. He likes museums but paintings have never really been his thing. While I like visiting both, my knowledge about art and history are fairly limited. For me the enjoyment comes from the experience of learning about each piece in the museum or gallery, its history, its impact,

Versailles Palace + Laduree

During my second trip to Paris, my friend and I spent half a day in Versailles touring the palace. We had hoped to spend more time wandering the gardens and Marie Antoinette’s estate but had to get to Paris to meet friends in the afternoon. So when Stephen and I visited last year, I planned

Paris – Le Cinq

My first experience with the Michelin Guide was in New York, 6 years ago. I had recently graduated university and was still living at home, thus had a healthy amount of disposable income. My friends and I started travelling regularly and I started to really dive into restaurants. That summer, I had dinner at Dovetail,

Paris – Comptoir de la Gastronomie

Our second “very French” dinner in Paris was at Comptoir de la Gastronomie. After scouring the Internet for possible dinner spots known for foie gras, I settled on the restaurant because of great reviews from both locals and tourists, mid range in price, and the fact that they took reservations. A few other restaurants that