The BF and I recently took a weekend trip to Montreal purely to enjoy the culinary scene. With so many restaurants in the city, I had a hard time narrowing down our itinerary. I wanted to visit old favourites like Schwartz’s and try classics. Gaining 5 lbs over a weekend, worth it.

These were my top 5 eats from this trip:

  1. Foie Gras Poutine @ Au Pied de Cochon: 536 Duluth Street East
    • Best poutine I’ve ever had
    • Plentiful seared foie gras, melted cheese curds and perfect gravy
  2. Pork Cheek Pate @ Kazu: 1862 St Catherine St W
    • Unique style to serve flavourful pork cheek with warm tortillas and great sauce
  3. T-rex Poutine @ La Banquise: 994 Rue Rachel E
    • My favourite way to start a Montreal trip
    • Cheesy curds and toppings that spill off the plate
  4. Brunch @ Le Cartet: 106 McGill St
    • Lots of options, rich and lighter fare, great fresh ingredients
    • Gift store at front of the restaurant offers gourmet chocolate and foods
  5. Macarons @ La Maison du Macaron: 705 Rue Sainte-Catherine W
    • Convenient kiosk located in Eaton Centre
    • Lots of flavours, rich fillings and airy cookie