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Mapo Tofu

I’ve been working on eating healthier during the week to compensate for weekend indulgences. This typically means a lot of tofu for protein. One of my favourite tofu recipes is Mapo Tofu, a dish made easy with one important ingredient, Doubanjiang (spicy bean paste, 豆瓣酱). I prefer using firm tofu because it’s easier to cook

Chefs Plate – Flank Steak

This is Part 2 of my on Chef’s Plate, a meal subscription service. Part 1 covered my main thoughts on the program and this post will showcase another example of the food and recipes Chef’s Plate delivers. Disclaimer: Products reviewed below were provided complimentary by Chefs Plate. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine and

Chefs Plate – Moroccan Lamb Burger

I am guilty of eating out a lot, especially during the week. While I love to cook big meals with The Hubby on weekends, during the week I am lazy. Add in the fact that The Hubby often travels for work during the week, means I’m usually eating noodles straight from a pot or take-out

Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs

Eggs have always been my go to source for a quick and inexpensive protein. They’re versatile and easy to cook. My go to breakfast is usually a fried or hard boiled egg. I do get bored eating the same thing everyday though. So, in preparation for a busy week at work, The Hubby and I

Asian BBQ Beef Finger Stew

Walking through a Chinese grocery store’s butcher section can sometimes be a test of knowledge. There’s plenty of hand written signs labeling cuts on meat in Chinese, but often the English translations are more vague (ie. lean pork, lean meat, beef meat). When The Hubby and I came across Beef Finger meat on sale, we