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Mussels with Black Bean Sauce

During university my friends and I lived downtown and stayed up many a night studying (and goofing off). By 3am we were always hungry and ready for a snack, which meant cup noodles or a visit to Hong Shing’s for a plate of Mussels with Black Bean Sauce for only $3.99. This was a great

Thai Basil Ground Pork

Last year I had the chance to try out Pai’s new lunch menu and take home a bag of groceries from their fresh Thai market. I went home with shiny lime leaves, ripe mangos, a bottle fish sauce, fragrant Thai basil and a bottle of Chef Nuit’s own chilli sauce. We used the ingredients from Pai to cook a

Beef Shank Stew

This week has been tough. Pretty much out of nowhere, I started feeling under the weather and proceeded to spend the next two days in bed. After 30 hours of sleep, I’m refreshed but still quite low on energy. Luckily, The Hubs made a huge batch of braised ribs and pumpkin last weekend for me

Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage

Every now and then when The Hubs and I are eating out, we fall in love with a dish and immediately think โ€œwe need to make this at homeโ€. One of these was Claypot Steamed Rice. After researching different recipes and techniques online, weโ€™ve now made the dish 3 times with varying degrees of success.

Italpasta Mac and Cheese

For me, Macaroni and cheese is a quintessential comfort food, especially in winter. Dressed up with lobster or straight from a box, the dish can fit any occasion. Italpasta recently launched their own brand of Macaroni and Cheese made with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. There are three flavours available, original, extra creamy and