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Rome – Trattoria Vecchia Roma

Trattoria Vecchia Roma was our first big miss in Rome. Despite thousands of 4 star reviews from multiple sources online and a queue outside before doors opened, I found our meal incredibly disappointing. There wasn’t any dish that I truly enjoyed and none redeemed the meal. Stephen and I walked out of the restaurant confused

Rome – Roscioli

Roscioli was a restaurant that Stephen and I stumbled on by chance. After an afternoon of exploring Rome, we were ready for dinner but also ready for home. So we ducked into a cafe to rest our feet and wi-fi access to look for a restaurant on the way back to our Airbnb. Roscioli was

Rome – Pantheon & Trevi Fountain

One aspect I loved about Rome was how we could see so many historic sites and plazas from just walking from one attraction to the next. Many historical sites were free of charge to visit and part of experiencing the city was wandering through the heart of it. After our morning at the Colosseum and

Rome – Angelino ai Fori

After a morning of exploring The Colosseum, Stephen and I were ready for lunch. I’m usually weary of eating near tourist attractions as the restaurants tend to be overpriced and mediocre in quality but my stomach growls were growing louder. We walked by Angelino ai Fori, located right across the street from The Forum and

Rome – Le Tavernelle

To be honest, I had a hard time finding restaurants in Rome. Relying on online reviews turned out to be hit or miss. Stephen and I ate at quite a few restaurants that had thousands of 4 star reviews online only to be disappointed. Were our expectations too high? Were others’ too low? After a