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Montreal – Au Pied de Cochon

The first time I heard about Au Pied de Cochon was from the BF talking about their famous Duck in a Can dish. He even went especially on a weekend trip to try it, a trip that was planned before we started dating and without me. Needless to say, I felt robbed. Good thing he

Orlando – 2013 September

Disney has a special place in my heart and still makes up 50% of the movies I own today. My first visit to Disney World was with family in 2009. We rode every ride and chased down every character. When the BF and I started talking about vacation this year, I suggested a return trip

Montreal – 2013 December

The BF and I recently took a weekend trip to Montreal purely to enjoy the culinary scene. With so many restaurants in the city, I had a hard time narrowing down our itinerary. I wanted to visit old favourites like Schwartz’s and try classics. Gaining 5 lbs over a weekend, worth it. These were my

Boston – 2013 July

The BF has been working Boston over the past year but hasn’t really had a chance to explore the city. I flew down with him for a quick weekend trip of eating between tourist stops. These were my top 5 eats from this trip: Lobster Roll @ Neptune Oyster: 63 Salem St The hot butter lobster

Houston – 2012 November

One of my best friends moved to Houston in 2012 for work. There was only one thing a good friend could do, make sure to visit and gain at least 5lbs. These were my top 5 eats from this trip: Seafood Gumbo @ Goode Company Seafood: 10211 Katy Freeway With all the options, we ate here twice