New York – Peter Luger
Our last trip to New York City was to celebrate a milestone birthday for Stephen, so of course steak was on the itinerary. I narrowed down our options to two classics, Peter Luger and Keens Steakhouse. Somehow the only reservations available was Friday lunch at Peter Luger and dinner at Keens, on the same day. Somehow, I thought this was a good idea and that we could make it to both restaurants. I figured we could explore Brooklyn after lunch and slowly make our way back to the city for dinner. I did not anticipate just how full or how nap ready we’d be after the first meal.

Atmosphere: Peter Luger has been in existence for over a century and has been rated as one of the top steakhouses in New York for the past 3 decades. The steakhouse has been awarded one Michelin star and is a Brooklyn institution drawing regulars and tourists alike. Our reservation was for the first seating of the day at lunch. We took the train to Brooklyn and recognized a few couples later in the dining room. The restaurant simply oozed charm from bowtied waiters to tudor style dining rooms lit with gold chandeliers. I loved the bare wood tables, which soaked up grease like a sponge and the menus with handwritten prices. Dress code ranged from casual to Sunday brunch.

Service: When we visited, reservations were only taken via phone and organized by hand on a giant schedule. Today, reservations can be made through their website up to 6 weeks in advance. Taking a look, there was plenty of availability for parties of 2 at lunch, even the day of but very limited dinner spots within the 6 week window. A portion of the dining room is still held for phone reservations and walk-ins.

Our server was friendly and happy to let us snap a few photos before he served the steak on to our plates. He chatted with us briefly and checked in on us throughout the meal. There was always a server present in the dining room keeping an eye on diners without being obtrusive.

Note that Peter Luger does not accept credit cards or Canadian debit cards. Cash would be the way to go.

Food: As Stephen and I read through the menu, our server brought over a bread basket with soft buns, two pats of butter and a gravy boat of steak sauce. One of the main reasons I wanted to secure a lunch reservation was to try the Luger Burger. We debated between ordering the Steak for Two or Rib Steak and settled on the smaller option. I’m glad we chose the single steak as it was still more than enough to share.

Cooked to a beautiful medium rare, the rib steak was simply mouth watering. I loved the heavy char and the fat cap was exquisite. The taste of the aged beef was meaty and complemented by the house steak sauce. My burger was hefty, served on a sesame seed bun with thick cut fries. Following orders from the Eater article praising the Luger burger, I skipped the bacon and cheese options and stuck to the basics. It was a good burger, meaty, so juicy, well seasoned and perfectly charred. This was the kind of burger that I want to sink my teeth into when I’m craving a burger.

Overall, lunch at Peter Luger was delicious and incredibly satisfying. We don’t go out for steak much anymore as Stephen’s technique gets better and better, but this meal was well worth the trip.
New York – Peter LugerNew York – Peter LugerNew York – Peter Luger
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