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Montreal – Au Pied de Cochon

The first time I heard about Au Pied de Cochon was from the BF talking about their famous Duck in a Can dish. He even went especially on a weekend trip to try it, a trip that was planned before we started dating and without me. Needless to say, I felt robbed. Good thing he

The Whippoorwill Restaurant

For some reason, my brain kept remembering The Whippoorwill as The Whirlpool. This made for some confusing Google Map searching while on our way to brunch with my best friend. I then started calling it The Whip-poor-will. Better, but it wasn’t until my friend’s mom, a biologist, pronounced it correctly (whiper-will) and described the bird

The Kathi Roll Express

The Kathi Roll Express (TKRE) opened half a year ago on Yonge St and aims to bring a slice of Indian street food to Toronto. Their namesake, the kathi roll is a protein filled wrap using Indian flavours and housemade paratha, an Indian flatbread. I was invited to sample their special butter chicken menu items


My friend and I have been talking about going out for tapas for a good two months. Finally for a girl’s night I started to research our options in Toronto. After reading blogs and reviews, I chose Patria as the top contender and made the reservation. Atmosphere: After walking through Patria’s front gates at King


During my travels in Beijing I ate Peking duck pretty much every other day. We visited fancy restaurants specializing in the dish as well as run of the mill ones. When the BF’s mom made reservations to Dayali, a restaurant chain from Beijing known for their Peking duck, I had high hopes. Atmosphere: The plaza