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Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta has quickly become one of my favourite dishes to make at home. When The Fiance first bought a pasta maker, I was sure it would sit untouched for months. In actuality we use it pretty regularly and the entire cooking process is under 30 minutes. We’ve scrapped lots of batches of dough and

Fresh Burger

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been craving a good burger. With no time during the week to run to Burger’s Priest or Holy Chuck, I looked for options outside of the city and found Fresh Burger in Richmond Hill. The uptown location was a perfect lunch stop between Saturday errands. Atmosphere: Fresh Burger

Oyster Boy

When we first started dating, the BF was not a fan of raw oysters. He told me about how once during a work dinner he had access to an unlimited supply of freshly shucked oysters and didn’t take advantage of a single one. I was green with envy. If it was me in that situation

Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

For Valentine’s Day this year the BF and I decided to forgo gifts and instead splurge on a meal. He still got me macarons and I found him ravioli pans, but we kept ourselves in check. This was good because dinner at Jacobs & Co Steakhouse more than fit the definition of a splurge meal,

Bison Shepherd’s Pie

Taking advantage of a Groupon offer the BF bought several cuts of bison that included 2 lbs of ground meat. This was perfect for a Sunday of cooking Shepherd’s pie with plenty of leftovers for lunch during the week. With inspiration from this recipe from blog Slice of Feist, we seasoned the bison filling with