Big Bone BBQ

After a morning of ice fishing on Lake Simcoe my friends and I were ready for a big lunch. Some quick Googling led us to Big Bone BBQ, a quick 5 minute drive away from the lake and BBQ seemed to fit the occasion. The restaurant was quiet with a few occupied tables and one server taking care of the entire dining area. We placed our drink orders, including a cup of warm tea, and started to study the menu. We went with a Party Pack of ribs and wings and a pulled pork combo to taste everything. There are so many wing options it was hard to narrow it down to just two. I prefer dry wings and we decided to try the dry cajun along with the original smoked.

All of the food arrived quickly, two platters with ribs and wings, two platters with pulled pork, corn bread, coleslaw and beans and a platter of fries. Of all the BBQ, my favourite were the dry cajun wings. The chicken was tender on the inside, fried crispy on the outside and I loved the seasoning. The original smoked wings were also great and had a nice tangy sauce. Next I liked the ribs, which were fall off the bone, charred and the sauce wasn’t too sweet. The pulled pork however was not the best, a bit dry and way too sweet. I would’ve happily traded the pound of pulled pork for more wings instead. As for the sides, none of them were outstanding and the cornbread was a little disappointing. I did devour their fries, which I believe were Costco fries, they were seasoned and crispy.

Big Bone BBQ has 6 other locations in Ontario in addition to the Barrie outpost, including one in Markham and Woodbridge. I’d definitely check out the Markham location to try a few more wing flavours.

Big Bone BBQBig Bone BBQ
Big Bone BBQBig Bone BBQ
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