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Light Cafe

Light Cafe was one of those restaurants that looked stunning on the screen. With a vibrant live wall, whimsical drinks and colourful desserts, the menu defined Instagrammable. Since we don’t eat only with our eyes, I had high hopes that my tastebuds would be equally delighted, and for the most part they were. Light Cafe

Shuck U at Oyster Boy

I fell in love with raw oysters about 5 years ago. The treat was fairly costly and as a new grad, my friends and I would often visit restaurants specifically for their oyster deals; buck-a-shuck nights were well researched. When The Hubby and I started dating, we went to a seafood night at one of

Sidecar Restaurant

This year Sidecar Restaurant on College St. is celebrating their 9th anniversary, an impressive feat for any restaurant in the neighbourhood that’s constantly welcoming new faces and saying goodbye to old favourites. Chef Hyun Jung Kim joined the restaurant recently and unveiled a new menu that will delight any customer. From scallops to duck breast

Ai Sushi

Every year over the holidays, The Hubby and I stay with my in-laws in Markham for a few days while his siblings visit from out of town. During that time, we are always well fed with great home-cooked meals and visits to some of their favourite restaurants. This past holiday season, I heard about Ai


When I hear about a restaurant that doesn’t take reservations and always has a lineup, my curiosity gets piqued. I will go pretty far for good food, but I don’t like waiting, especially not in the winter. Kookminhakgyo is a somewhat new Korean BBQ spot in North York that’s quickly gained popularity and with it,