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Green Onion & Ginger Lobster

Lunar New Year has always been my favourite annual celebration. The sweets, the feasting, the Chinese variety shows, the family gatherings, the awkward phone calls to grandparents and of course the red pockets. My family moved to Canada when I was 5 years old, so my memories of new years’ in China are fuzzy, but

Daan Go Cake Lab

During the past year, while we haven’t been able to celebrate in person, my favourite way to connect with family and friends has been with dessert. A surprise cake or box of macarons delivered on a birthday or anniversary has been a treat to send and receive. While we’ve tried a variety of bakeries in

Turkey Gok Jai

In our household, I fondly refer to the months from October to February as Celebration Season. The holidays begin with Thanksgiving in October, followed by Stephen’s birthday, then mine in November, Christmas, Lunar New Year and wrap up at the end of February with Alivia’s birthday. Lunar New Year has always been one of my

Yu Seafood

December 1st, 2020 and I officially cannot remember the last time Stephen and I enjoyed a meal inside a restaurant (I looked it up, it was October 2019). Eating out was such an integral part of my day to day routine and something I’ve missed dearly this year. The continuous announcements of Toronto restaurant closures

Milk Buns

Like everyone else on our social media feed, Stephen has become a baker this year. He’s even earned the title of “master baker” from Alivia. While his no-knead bread is essential to my avocado toast breakfast, it’s his milk buns that’s won her heart. We’ve followed China Sichuan Food‘s recipe to a tee until the