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Lobster Tail Baos

Our Lunar New Year feasts have been more intimate the past two years, and this years’ celebration will be on the smaller side as well. While it’s been a challenge not seeing our extended family as regularly as we’re used to, Stephen and I have been taking the extra time at home to try out

Green Onion & Ginger Lobster

Lunar New Year has always been my favourite annual celebration. The sweets, the feasting, the Chinese variety shows, the family gatherings, the awkward phone calls to grandparents and of course the red pockets. My family moved to Canada when I was 5 years old, so my memories of new years’ in China are fuzzy, but

Miso Turkey Nabe

My favorite part of fall is the start of hot pot season! When it gets chilly outside, nothing beats a bubbling pot filled with the most delicious broth and ingredients. I love how comforting the dish is and how there are endless possibilities and combinations. While I love the traditional Chinese style hot pot, where

Turkey Deli Macaroni Soup

With a blink of an eye, summer has wrapped up and we’re back in September! After being home for over a year, we are thrilled for Alivia to be returning to her Montessori school. This means a change of pace in our morning routine that has been quite relaxing this past year. Our weekday breakfasts

Grilled Turkey Rice Noodle Bowls

  Stephen and I have used our FoodSaver® vacuum sealer for years now, and it’s one of our most useful kitchen devices. From sealing bulk groceries in the freezer to keeping spices fresh for the pantry, the FoodSaver® keeps food fresher for longer and without any freezer burn. This recipe for Grilled Turkey Rice Noodle