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Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta has quickly become one of my favourite dishes to make at home. When The Fiance first bought a pasta maker, I was sure it would sit untouched for months. In actuality we use it pretty regularly and the entire cooking process is under 30 minutes. We’ve scrapped lots of batches of dough and

Curry Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Back in April, I had periodontal surgery for all four quadrants of my back gums. So, top, bottom, left and right side, all at once. It was a 3 hour procedure and I wasn’t allowed to use those teeth to chew for at least 48 hours. This was after I had my wisdom teeth pulled

Blackened Chicken Breast

Given the choice between white and dark meat, I will always choose dark. However, during a busy week, throwing a piece of chicken breast in a pan is the easiest way to add lean protein to a meal. What I love about this quick and easy recipe is how much flavour it adds to the

Irish Goat Stew

Making stew is one of the main reasons I purchased my slow cooker. What helped me get through this long Toronto winter has been the many bowls of rich, thick stew, full of hearty carrots, meat and potatoes I’ve consumed. With the help of a slow cooker stews really are easy to make, and with

Savoury Potato Pancakes

Many cuisines have their own version of a potato pancake, from latkas and hash browns to croquettes. The BF’s mother shared with us her take on the dish with a very Chinese spin. The result is a thin, savoury pancake that’s filling, easy to make and fitting for breakfast or lunch. Step by Step Photos