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Photos of Petit Potato’s Golden Toast took over my Instagram feed when the restaurant first opened. I drooled over the tower of ice cream, toast and fresh fruit. Even friends from out of town messaged me about the dessert, asking to be brought there when they visited Toronto. I was super excited to be invited to the media dinner at Petit Potato, where bloggers and Instagrammers were treated to a family style meal that included 3 different desserts, one of which was the fabled French Honey Golden Toast.

Disclaimer: All food and drinks reviewed below were provided complimentary. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine.

Petit Potato comes from the owners of Congee Queen and can satisfy all sorts of cravings with a menu filled with Taiwanese and Japanese casual eats like omurice, teppan rice and lots of dessert. In fact, there were an equal number of menu pages devoted to food and dessert. The large variety of dishes available makes Petit Potato a great choice for groups with different tastes. Diners can order snacks with bubble tea or a full multi-course meal. Decor features like wood grain tables and artificial grass created a modern and natural feel. The dining area had a mix of cozy booths and square tables, that could be pieced together to accommodate large groups.

Throughout dinner, I sipped on a glass of Honey Crysthanamum and Rose Tea, that was mildly sweet with a strong floral flavour. Petit Potato’s also has an expansive drink selection that included bubble tea, herbal tea and fresh fruit juices.

I had the chance to try a multitude of dishes that highlighted some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.
Eel Omurice – A mound of fried rice, covered by a blanket of egg and topped with a big chunk of grilled eel.
Chicken Wings with Yuzu Sauce – Dry fried wings in a sticky, sweet yuzu sauce. I loved the combination of sweet, sour and savoury in this dish, but not everyone at my table was a fan.
Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage – The pieces of chicken were thinly breaded and not at all oily.
Shrimp and Crabmeat Salad – A refreshing salad full of crisp, raw ingredients, sweet shrimp and flavoured crab sticks.
Ramen – I was impressed with the milky broth and really liked the thin, charred slices of rolled chashu.
Teppan Rice with Slice Beef – Served on a sizzling plate with sides of aromatics and sauces, to be added and mixed at the table.
Teppan Pasta with Smoked Duck Breast – Creamy sauce and thick slices of duck breast, the texture of the pasta was excellent.

That was just food. There was still three desserts, which included the centerpiece, a mountain of Honey Toast, ice cream and fruit. Each table was served a different flavour or toast and ours was treated to mango. Thick slices of toast was hollowed out and the crusts were stacked to create the tower. The hollowed out toast was cut into squares, which had a crunchy exterior and a soft interior, and filled the mountain. These toast squares were perfect for dipping in ice cream and fruit sauce. Priced at only $12.99 – $14.99, this dessert was an amazing deal, indulgent and a true showstopper.

The other two desserts we tried were the Mango Pancake and House Special Super Sago with Mango Ice Cream. Both dishes centered around fragrant, ripe mango and were delicious. It was a real struggle to decide which dessert to eat more of, I wanted all of them.

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