Tea Ice Pops

With the summer warming up I’m always looking for ways to cool down. While ice cream is a necessity when the temperature really rises, I often find myself craving a lighter, more refreshing snack. Ice pops are the perfect solution. My sister in law recently shared a photo of her tea-sicles creations, which I thought were brilliant. This spurred me into creating my own ice pops with Pure Leaf Tea, iced tea made from real brewed tea leaves.

I chose to use the peach flavoured Pure Leaf Tea, which really helped cut down prep time. There was no need to steep and cool the tea before hand, just fill the molds with fresh fruit and top off with tea. At max, these took 5 minutes to pull together. Shooting the photos took way longer.

Other Tea Pop flavours possibilities:
Green Tea, Lemon Slices and Honey
Peach tea and fresh strawberries
Tea, Ginger syrup and Lemon Slices

After working with Pure Leaf previously on my Iced Tea recipes post, I was already a fan of the tea’s authentic flavour. They’re great to use as a base for fancier creations or gulped straight from the bottle. Refreshing, low in calories and lightly flavoured, I find myself packing bottles of Pure Leaf Tea for picnics, bringing them on Pokemon hunting trips around the neighbourhood and to stay hydrated at summer food events.

In ice pop form, Pure Leaf tea reaches the level of summer necessity.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All drinks reviewed below were provided complimentary. All opinions expressed are wholly mine.

Tea Ice PopsTea Ice Pops

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