Maui – Geste Shrimp Truck

Parked along the beach in Kahului, the Geste Shrimp food truck is a treasure. The Fiance raved about their shrimp from his previous visit to Maui and made sure I included them in the itinerary. Geste operates every Tuesday to Saturday starting at 10:30am. There is room on the curb to park and eat but it’s very limited space and you’re eating in or on your car. We grabbed two shrimp plates for $13/each and drove down to the harbour (right next to where the truck is parked), where a few picnic tables were set up.

For our shrimp plates, we chose Hawaiian Scampi and Spicy Pineapple flavours. Each plate comes with a dozen shrimp, crab salad, and a scoop of white rice. Both flavours were amazing and I had a hard time picking a favourite. All of the shrimp are deveined and cooked with their shell on, retaining all of their juiciness. You do need to peel the shrimp as the shell isn’t quite crispy enough to chew through (saucy and messy). The Spicy Pineapple was tangy, sweet and very spicy. I enjoyed the sauce and used the steamed rice to soak up and eat more of it than I should have. The Hawaiian Scampi had lots of Asian flavours like ginger and green onion. The shrimp were mild compared to the spice level of the Spicy Pineapple, but they still had a good kick. I found this flavour was the saltier one. The creamy crab salad was a nice palate cleanser in between shrimp.

Geste Shrimp is a definite must try in Maui. Be sure to bring wet wipes, it’s a messy meal, and drink lots of water, it’s also pretty high in salt.

Maui – Geste Shrimp TruckMaui – Geste Shrimp Truck
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