Ganzi Osteria

My first summerlicious stop this year was dinner at Ganzi Osteria. I had heard great reviews on twitterverse about the restaurant and liked the options of their set menu. I do temper my expectations during summerlicious to account for a set menu, rushed service and sometimes pre-prepared plates, but I still believe the meal to be reflective of how the restaurant operates normally.

Atmosphere: Ganzi Osteria is situated inside a beautiful, red brick, mansion with a spacious paved patio surrounded by hedges. There is more space on the patio than inside the house itself. It was a warm day so we started out on the patio but had to move inside when it started to rain. The interior of the mansion was well preserved, doors had been removed to create a more open concept and marble tables were spread out. Dark woodwork and elaborate chandeliers mixed with bright contemporary artwork in each room.

Service: For the most part service was professional and efficient. When the skies began to darken outside, our server asked if we’d like to move inside. When we agreed, he went off to find us a table but we didn’t see him again before it started to rain. This left us scrambling to move our plates, wine and cutlery inside ourselves. It was a bit of a mad dash to not have a sopping wet steak. Had there been umbrellas outside or any kind of cover, I would’ve happily waited out the droplets, but as is, my dinner was getting wet. We were quickly settled at a table inside and once our server found us again, service returned to normal. The space is versatile and would be lovely for a private event, large group or romantic dinner.

Food: In general, while I liked all of my dishes, nothing stood out or wowed. For appetizers, I ordered the Grilled Scallops while my friend had the Leek and Potato soup. We were both expecting a creamy soup rather than broth based. The flavours were savoury and rich but I wasn’t sure if I liked the chunks of goat cheese, which overpowered the rest of the dish. My scallops were good, buttery and served with a splash of balsamic reduction.

I was trying to avoid carbs that day (needed to fit into a dress that weekend) so I went with the Steak Tagliata, cooked medium rare, for my main. The steak itself was cooked to my order and the portion size was very generous. I wasn’t a huge fan of the gravy and could’ve done without it. The roasted local vegetables were delicious, fresh and naturally sweet. My friend had the Tilapia Marinara and was also content with her dish. Both of us chose the tiramisu for dessert. The cake was just the right amount of coffee, chocolate and cream, topped with a fresh raspberry.

For the $25 price tag, dinner at Ganzi was a great deal. Looking at tables around us, if I hadn’t been avoiding carbs I would’ve ordered the pizza or penne dishes, both of which looked amazing. Clearly, I need to re-visit Ganzi when I can enjoy a big bowl of pasta.

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