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Toronto Ramen, Who’s the Best?

Japanese Ramen in Toronto became an emerging trend with the arrival of Kenzo and has continued to thrive with a slew of new restaurants opening the past few years. Today, the downtown core has to offer a plentiful variety of choices when one is craving a hot bowl of noodles. My love of ramen started

Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth

Last Saturday, I had my 3 wisdom removed. Just three, the fourth decided to not exist. My procedure was a straight forward extraction, no digging required. This still meant eating only “soft foods” for the past 3 days which included a lot of apple sauce, turnip cake and chicken broth. While I’ve been loving the

Hello World

Does this section feel redundant? A blog for…my blog? Perhaps, but there are days when my fingers are keen to type about topics other than food because my brain doesn’t shut up and 140 characters on twitter just doesn’t cut it. So here we are. A truly personal area of the site for me to