I’ve always had an agenda, starting from the school issued planners to my current colour coded Google Calendar version. I still prefer to plan with a pen and paper but the easy access and sharing of a digital calendar is slowly winning me over. The past week has been overwhelming with trying to fit in Winterlicious, family commitments, laundry, grocery shopping, poutine week and blogging. It really showed this Monday when I forgot about a morning meeting and lunch plans. Oops.

It’s always worrisome to start a week looking forward to the weekend for free time to catch up on life. My coping method has always been to compulsively schedule my day, which usually takes up more time than I can afford but it’s a calming process. Once I have a plan, with buffer built in, I know what’s possible and what I have to cut. Last week, I ended up cancelling a Winterlicious reservation because I knew I was trying to squeeze in too many things.

I still over extend myself and fill my calendar back to back. I’m still learning my limitations and how to say no to family and friends without feeling guilty.

I know I can do everything, but for the sake of sanity and sleep, I should plan for 80%. To do this I try to follow these steps:

  • Put everything into the calendar and keep it up to date
  • Figure out your priorities for the week
  • Make sure there’s white space in the calendar, that’s precious downtime!
  • Account for travel/prep time for events
  • Don’t worry about the Curse of the Blitz

My priorities this week:

  1. Finish up Winterlicious blog posts
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep
  3. Spend some quality couch time with my kitty watching the Olympics
Couch Potato Cat

Couch Potato Cat


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