Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Since opening in Toronto, Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake has been a divisive topic of conversation. People either love it, thus the hour line ups, or hate it, it’s all hype. Personally, I really like the original cheesecake and have now eaten 2 plus 1 matcha, but haven’t lined up for a single one. So perhaps my opinion is biased. I was lucky enough to have a friend visiting, who had time to line up during the morning while most people worked. Also, The Hubby’s been working near Union station lately so he’s also been able to pick up cheesecakes at the Front Street Market, although there does seem to be a slight difference in quality between the stall and freshly baked ones.

The original 6 inch cheesecake was priced at $10 (taxes included), was not that big. Usually The Hubby and I can finish one in a sitting for dessert. These cakes are nothing like traditional, North American cheesecakes in flavour or texture. It’s not a fair comparison to make for either dessert. The Uncle Tetsu cheesecake was more like a chiffon cake in texture, light, airy, moist, almost like a mousse but spongy. I struggled to find the right words to describe it. Each bite was fluffy with a light hint of cream cheese flavour. The cake was also mild in sweetness. I loved the delicate taste and the fluffy texture.

The first one I had was bought freshly baked from the store, the second one was picked up at Front Street Market. Having sat overnight and through the morning in a fridge, the second cheesecake wasn’t as fluffy. While the flavour wasn’t different, I found the second cake had compacted a bit. For those who prefer a denser cake, leaving the cake for a few hours in the fridge may improve their experience.

One of the newest offerings at Uncle Tetsu was the matcha cheesecake with red bean. For the same price, the cheesecake has an additional mild green tea flavour and sparse red bean bottom. I found this version a lot dryer than the original and there wasn’t enough red bean to make a difference. The cheese flavour in this cake was even milder. The texture was more cake like.

Overall, while Uncle Tetsu cheesecake isn’t for everyone, I’m a big fan. I love light, airy, mild desserts and this one hit all the right buttons. I wouldn’t wait 2 hours for one, maybe just 1.

Uncle Tetsu CheesecakeUncle Tetsu CheesecakeUncle Tetsu CheesecakeUncle Tetsu Cheesecake
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