Kanga Pies

My visit to Kanga Pies was short and far too rushed. I was supposed to meet friends there for a quick bite before we caught a movie, but I left work late and my scheduled hour dinner was cut down to just 15 mins. Luckily, my friends were more prompt and got to enjoy a peaceful meal and pre-order my pie for me.

Kanga Pies was a small shop on Duncan street, off of Queen, specializing in Australian meat pies. Open daily until 9pm, Kanga offered take-away, delivery, boxes of frozen pies to bring home and a handful of seats for dine-in customers. Since this was my first visit, I stuck to ordering the Traditional Aussie pie that was filled with minced beef, gravy and a hint of vegemite. From their menu though, a lot of the pies sounded delicious including the Canadian (steak and bacon) and Butter Chix (chicken curry in a tomato sauce). I was really tempted to order a second pie to go.

My Aussie pie was savoury and saucey. I’d never had vegemite before and didn’t taste anything particular. I did find the filling a bit earthy (like a good chilli), was that the vegemite? Either way, it was delicious and encased in a super buttery and flakey pastry. For a side, I had the Aussie salad which was a hefty portion of baby spinach, arugula, shredded beetroot, candied walnuts and goat’s cheese with a honey balsamic vinaigrette. All of the ingredients were fresh and worked well with each other to create a filling salad. My greens were very heavily dressed though and I left a puddle of vinaigrette at the bottom of my carton.

Overall, Kanga Pies is great stop to grab a pie (or two, or box) to go for lunch or dinner.

Kanga Pies
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