Sushi Bong

The literal definition of “hole in the wall”, Sushi Bong was located on Northtown Way, a cul-de-sac in a condo complex filled with similar mom and pop shops. In the past, The Hubby and I usually grab take-out since there are only 4 seats in the small space. We decided to stick around and eat this time, before making the trek home. Sushi Bong is famous in the neighbourhood for their low prices and giant rolls. Since they are almost a take-out place, service was close to non-existent. Three sushi chefs worked at a breakneck pace, churning out roll after roll. There was one girl manning the phone, cash and taking care of the 4 of us dining in. It was hectic. We sat next to the sushi bar and there was a window for the chef to pass us our order directly. Although meager, service at Sushi Bong was efficient.

In total, we spent about 30 minutes in the cramped restaurant and was amazed at the constant stream of pick-up and take-out orders. There was always 4-5 people in line and the turnaround was incredible. At most, there was only a 5 minute wait.

For us, we ordered a Sashimi Platter, Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Salmon Roll and Spider Roll. Yes, this was too much food for two people and we ended up packing up most of the rolls to go. With the sashimi, there wasn’t much variety. For a platter of 30+ pieces, there was only salmon, white tuna, red snapper (tilapia?) and two pieces of surf clam. The quality on the salmon was the freshest, although not very fatty. I found the red snapper bland, a little chewy and the white tuna was on par with most low-price AYCE Japanese restaurants in Toronto. Overall, not the best but a good price. The basket of shrimp tempura was tender, juicy and lightly crispy.

Really, we should have stuck to the rolls. I always enjoy the spider roll that’s the size of my fist and takes two bites per piece to eat. Sushi Bong’s rolls were generous with filling, had a thin layer of rice and wasn’t covered in mayo. Each roll is under $10, filling and the reason for their popularity. If you’re in the neighbourhood and looking for a cheap take-out dinner, Sushi Bong’s a great choice.

Sushi BongSushi Bong
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