Baldwin St. is home to some great restaurants. Over the past 5 years, several new restaurants have opened (Agave Y Agucate, Ryu’s Noodle Bar) alongside long time residents. The latest newcomer is Ramyun, a restaurant specializing in elevating a simple block ramyun (Korean instant noodles).

Disclaimer: All drinks and dishes were provided free of charge by the restaurant. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine.

When I make instant noodles at home, I love making it healthier by adding a poached egg, bok choy and whatever protein I have around. Ramyun has a similar concept. Starting with a block of instant noodle, fresh ingredients are added to create a more balanced bowl of instant noodles. Personally, while the bowls of noodles looked good, I wasn’t sold on the price of $9-$14 per bowl. Instead, the menu section of fusion pub food drew my attention.

We started with an order of Fried Gyoza and half a pound of Ramyun Wings. The gyoza were crispy and was accompanied by a light vinegar dipping sauce. The wings were covered in crushed ramyun and deep fried. An interesting concept but not my cup of tea. I found the ramyun crust thick and hard to bite through.

Next up was the Kimchi Ramyun Poutine. This dish was a perfect example of fusion done well. The base of the poutine was fries and cooked ramyun, topped with rice cakes, bugolgi, kimchi, cheese and plenty of gravy. The plate was huge and would be perfect to share with friends, washed down with a cold beer. The gravy was rich, the kimchi added heat, the fries were crispy and the rice cakes chewy.

Harry, the owner of Ramyun came by our table to introduce a new special dish, coming soon to the menu: Spicy, Cheesy Pork Ribs. Super tender ribs, slathered in a spicy bbq sauce was served with hot, gooey, melted cheese and corn. We were supplied plastic gloves and encouraged to pick up a rib and then dip it in the cheese. The sauce was incredibly spicy, which the cheese helped mellow out. When ordering, customers can specify the level of spice. This was another great dish that just begged for a beer. I am curious to see how this dish will be priced.

Ramyun has an ambitious goal, to make instant noodles healthier, tastier and more enjoyable. The menu definitely excels with the fusion dishes where ramyun is a player but not the star. I’m eager to see how the restaurant will grow and evolve. As is, Ramyun is a good spot to start or end a night out with large portions of comfort food, perfect with a drink.

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