One of my favourite things about being home on a weekday is taking advantage of the awesome lunch deals nearby. Of the three Japanese restaurants on Spring Garden Ave, Kiyomizu has the highest price tag and the best quality of sashimi. While dinner would easily be > $20 / person, their lunch specials are very affordable at < $12 for a full bento box with the same high quality ingredients.

Atmosphere: The booths are Kiyomizu are private with high wood separations and I often forget there are other diners on the other side. Soft, instrumental music plays softly and conversations can be held easily. We stopped by on Good Friday and the restaurant was quiet with only a few occupied tables. Kiyomizu would be a restaurant for date night with the intimate seating and elegant feel.

Service: On all of my visits, service has been friendly and efficient. Our server brought over two complimentary croquettes and our bento boxes arrived quickly. She was soft spoken, quick to clear empty dishes and refill water.

Food: For a quick lunch, Kiyomizu delivered great quality at a good price and a generous portion. I ordered the sashimi bento box which came with a miso soup, salad, rice, two side dishes and 12 pieces of sashimi. The assortment of sashimi was pretty standard, salmon, red snapper, tuna and a piece of octopus but each fish was fresh and an excellent texture. I also found the side-dishes to be a great palate cleanser, mild and not salty like many other restaurants.

The Fiance had the tempura and sashimi bento box, which came with miso soup, a huge pile of tempura, 8 pieces of sashimi, salad, rice and one side dish. The tempura was light, airy and not at all oily. I also really liked the deep fried sweet potato croquettes that were crispy and sweet. I do have a weakness for mashed potatoes in any form.

Kiyomizu is a neighbourhood gem. Their dinner menu has a great selection of sushi and cooked dishes, beautifully plated and perfect for any occasion. Their lunch menu is a total steal.

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