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There is an abundance of Japanese restaurants near Yonge and Eglinton. When I do head south for lunch, I’m usually drawn in by one of my regular haunts before making it to Sushi Supreme. In the five years I’ve worked in the neighbourhood, this was only my second visit. Based on the quality of sushi, I’m willing to make the trek more often in the future.

Atmosphere: When I stopped by for lunch with some co-workers, the restaurant was half full and the patio was still in use. Many of the diners were also in business casual attire. Decor was minimal and the tables were fairly spaced. Sushi Supreme felt like a neighbourhood spot to grab a quick dinner or take out after work.

Service: Our server was harried. While the restaurant wasn’t busy, he was the only one taking orders, refilling water, getting bills, delivering dishes and answered the phone for takeout. If this was a time-management game, he’d be winning. As is, while our table had no issues with his multi-tasking, the table beside us was antsy about settling up.

Food: The lunch deals at Sushi Supreme are a great value at under $10 and includes the typical teriyaki bento boxes and sushi plates. Complimentary green tea and miso soup was brought to the table once we ordered. One of my coworkers went with a sushi combination that included a hand roll, 5 pieces of nigiri and 6 maki. Oddly, the hand roll used a sesame soy wrapper instead of seaweed. There was no indication on the menu description of the ingredient change but my co-worker didn’t have any issues with it. My other coworker ordered the Green Dragon roll that came with two pieces of salmon nigiri. The roll was packed generously with shrimp tempura, had a thin layer of rice and plentiful avocado.

I went with a Chirashi bowl and the fish was very fresh, one of the better displays of sashimi in the neighbourhood. My bill came to just over $15 after tax and tip, a little expensive for lunch but reasonable for the 12 pieces of sashimi (+2 crab and +2 tamago). While the selection was standard salmon, tuna, yellowtail and shrimp, all of the pieces were thinly sliced and delicious. The texture was great and the tamago had just the right sweetness. Underneath all the fish, the sushi rice was also well prepared, at room temperature and I could make out each individual grain.

Sushi SupremeSushi SupremeSushi Supreme
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