Maui – Coconut’s Fish Cafe

After reading the exceptional reviews online for Coconut’s Fish Cafe, we went out of our way to stop by while in Maui. Our visit was two hours after breakfast and neither the Fiance or I had much of an appetite. The restaurant was located in a strip mall, occupying two units with ample seating outside. The interior decor was made up of picnic tables and surfboards. Coconut’s Fish Cafe was named after the owner’s cat, Coconut, and pictures of her decorated the walls.

We placed our order at the counter, were given a number and choose a free seat. Once the dishes were ready, a server delivered them to us. Since we weren’t all that hungry, we stuck to two dishes, the Coconut Shrimp and Grilled Fish of the Day. The plate of 6 shrimp was $10.99 and compared to the quality and value of Geste Shrimp, I much preferred the latter. While the shrimp were crispy and not oily, I didn’t find them extra special. With the grilled fish, the portion was large, the fish was fresh, well seasoned and served on a bed of delicious brown rice. Hamburger toppings were served on the side consisting of lettuce, a slice of tomato and shredded cheese. On paper, I liked the idea of a bunless fish sandwich but it didn’t translate 100% on to the plate, a normal tossed salad would have worked better. Fresh fish was their strong point.

Maui – Coconut’s Fish Cafe
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