The Kathi Roll Express

The Kathi Roll Express (TKRE) opened half a year ago on Yonge St and aims to bring a slice of Indian street food to Toronto. Their namesake, the kathi roll is a protein filled wrap using Indian flavours and housemade paratha, an Indian flatbread. I was invited to sample their special butter chicken menu items being featured as part of their Butter Chicken Festival running from Dec. 11th to Dec. 24th.

Disclaimer: All food sampled were provided free of charge by the restaurant. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine.

Atmosphere: Walking into the restaurant is like leaving downtown Toronto. The restaurant is decorated with a lot of natural wood elements and a gorgeous graffiti mural constantly draws the eye. Each table is hand painted with a different motif in bright colours. Pendant lights hang over the counter and Indian music videos were projected on the far wall. A bar is set up with a DJ booth ready to liven up the atmosphere, but on a Monday night like when we visited many of the customers were grabbing a family dinner or bite to go. This would be a great lunch spot or late night food stop for university students in the area.

Food: Our meal started with Indian lemonade and mango lassi. The mango lassi was rich with a hint of yogurt taste. After a couple of sips of the lemonade, I knew there was something different about it. The BF’s tastebuds realized the special ingredient was salt!

Each kathi roll starts with a paratha warmed on the griddle. A layer of egg is fried up along side and the paratha layered on top. The protein filling is then added and the whole thing wrapped up and served with a mint, coriander sauce. The butter chicken roll wasn’t greasy at all, had big chunks of meat and lots of sauce. I loved the coriander sauce which comes in mild and spicy (still not all that spicy) varieties.

Next was the Butter Chicken Toastie, essentially a triple decker butter chicken grilled cheese sandwich loaded with grilled peppers. This was a heavy dish and I’m glad I had help. Again, there was a healthy helping of butter chicken sauce and it soaked through the grilled bread. From the normal menu, we tried the shami (lamb) kebab roll. A spicy lemon chili paste was included and this was the first real kick of the night. It was hot, mango lassi chugging hot and so good.

By this point I was happily full and there was still the Butter Chicken on Curried Rice to come! I asked for a half portion and was glad I still had a bit of stomach real estate. TKRE makes a solid butter chicken and the curried rice had a great fried flavour.  

I didn’t have any room left to try their signature fusion rolls. Next time though, I need to have the Kung Pao Szechwan Roll and Chicken Tikka Mexican Rolls. TKRE likes trying new menu item, events and has something on the go every 4-6 weeks. In January, they’ll be throwing a kebab event. Until then, the butter chicken festival is running until Dec. 24th.

The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express The Kathi Roll Express TKRE The Kathi Roll Express on Urbanspoon

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