Mucho Burrito Menu Tasting

Via Twitter, I heard about a Mucho Burrito foodie event being held for guests to sample items from their menu. Having never been to a Mucho Burrito before, I was eager to check it out as I’m always looking for healthy lunch options.

Mucho Burrito is a Canadian chain of restaurants offering burritos, quesadillas, tacos and salad bowls across the country with 8 locations in the GTA. Each menu item is customizable and prepared fresh to order. I love that their website has a super handy Nutritional Calculator to plan your burrito ahead of time, especially useful while I’m still trying to maintain my new year’s resolutions.

Disclaimer: All drinks and dishes were provided free of charge by the restaurant. All opinions expressed below are wholly mine.

The tasting event was held at their Queen St. location where the BF and I joined 7 others to participate in a blind taste test of two different carnita recipes. While waiting for everyone to arrive, we snacked on tortilla chips and sipped on Jarritos, a Mexican soda. The Jarritos came in some great tropical fruits flavours like guava and passionfruit as well as classic soda and lime. The fruit flavours were very true, sweet with light bubbles. The tortilla chips were served with guacamole, pico de gallo, and medium and spicy salsa. My favourite dip was the medium salsa that was salty and sweet. I thought the guacamole and pico de gallo were too mild in flavour.

We were then presented with two samples of just the pork carnitas, A & B, and asked to rank each and jot down notes. Next, the carnitas were wrapped into a burrito and again we sampled and ranked. I thought it was surprising how much my preference between the two samples changed when sampling the meat alone vs. inside a burrito and alongside a slew of other flavours. Both burritos were solid toasted and stuffed with corn, rice and beans.

The night ended on a sweet note with crispy fluffy chuuros, evenly rolled in cinnamon sugar and dipped in their dulce de leche. I so badly wanted to take some home after hearing others talk about using it as a spread on toast. This might defeat the “healthy” part, just a bit.

In between samples, our host shared Mucho Burrito trivia and handed out 3 pack of hot sauces as prizes. My bottle of Scotch Bonnet hot sauce now resides in my cubicle at work, because I need to add hot sauce to everything. These are also available for sale in stores. Overall, I’d like to try more items from their menu, especially the Chipotle Shrimp burrito and soup.

Check out their Twitter for daily contests and giveaways.

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