The Bloordale Pantry is located on the south east corner of Bloor and Lansdowne. The outside signage is really cute and attractive, with a a white text on black (not pictured).

Atmosphere: The interior of the restaurant was surprising compared to the clean outside signage, more diner like with red bar stools and leather booths. I really liked the large canvases of oil paintings hung across the entire left wall, each with a price as well if a piece truly stuck with you. It was cozy. Washrooms located downstairs, typical of restaurants in Toronto, looked newly renovated, very spacial and clean although only one per gender.

Service: A little slow, however it was fairly busy and only two servers on the floor.  We were seated near the bar and it seemed there were regulars who comfortably chit chatted with the servers.

Food: We ordered the Bloordale Breakfast with a side of fried tomatoes and the Mediterranean Panini, with a side salad. The panini was delicious, tender chicken, caramelized onions and sweet red peppers. It came out hot and melted. The breakfast was good as well, filling and good portions. We ordered the eggs over easy and they were just a touch overcooked for my taste, I like my yolk very runny. The hash browns were a bit over cooked and very small cubes, fine for a filler. The breakfast was again, just fine. The panini was great, the salad was dressed very lightly and could’ve used more flavour, but I was happy for the lessened calories.


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