In between Dundas West and Lansdowne station. Zocalo was easy to find.

Atmosphere: Small restaurant, it was busy and full when we arrived at noon and tables were continuously filled with a steady stream of new arrivals. Bright, well-lit, not overly crowded.

Service: Attentive, explained each dish as it arrived and answered any questions pertaining to the menu.

Food: For appetizers, we started with a selection of seasonal pickles, two hummus spreads and a home canned trout. Both spreads were delicious. $6 for the pickles was a bit steep considering the selection of vegetables used. The canned trout was my favourite dish with a good bite, lots of capers.

For the main, I shared an open faced “beef brisket” sandwich with a side of arugula salad. The meat was tender and the salad was crisp. Good, satisfying meal.

I also enjoyed 2 americanos (not pictured) that were delicious.

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