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Heading home after work I walk along Spring Garden Ave, a small street spanning one block in North York that’s lined with restaurants. Over the past few years, a couple of the spots have turned over with Mymy Chicken, a chain of KFC shops from Korea, being the newest resident. When I first saw the signage for Mymy going up I was super excited for another KFC spot close to home. Since Mymy opened their doors a few weeks ago, I’ve already been twice.

Atmosphere: Prior to Mymy, the restaurant on Spring Garden was a Korean spot specializing in Budae Jjigae and before that a Japanese restaurant. In it’s latest iteration, the large dining room was dark and cozy with dim lighting and dark food furniture. There were intimate leather booths and square tables that could be pieced together to accommodate big groups. Conversation was lively with beer and soju flowing at tables. On my second visit, the restaurant was packed and I can already foresee long lines in the future.

Service: During our first visit, the restaurant had just opened and we stopped by just as they opened for dinner. Servers were quite attentive and friendly and checked in us frequently. During our second visit, the restaurant was much busier and service was a bit more frantic. Our table was tucked away in the corner so it was harder to get someone’s attention, but when servers did come by, they were happy to help. Side dishes were refilled generously.

Food: After settling at our table and placing our order, we were served a bowl of radish, salad and cup of freshly popped popcorn. Both the radish and salad could refilled throughout dinner. I really liked the popcorn, which had a touch of butter and was lightly salted. It was a great snack to munch on while waiting for our KFC. The salad of shredded cabbage was generously dressed with a thousand island dressing and the radish was crunchy and an excellent compliment to the fried chicken.

Mymy Chicken has a variety of flavours with 6 dry seasoning variations to their basic KFC including cheese, onion, chilli pepper, curry and retro. There was also a selection of saucy flavours. On our first visit, The Hubby and I ordered the half-half of Original and Sauced Spicy. The chicken itself was juicy and the batter was crunchy and well seasoned. I did think the chicken was on the smaller side, but very flavourful. I really liked the spicy sauce, which was tasty without burning off all my tastebuds. Of all the flavours I’ve tried so far, the spicy sauce was my favourite, and one of the best ones I’ve tasted in Toronto.

During our second visit, we also tasted the Onion and Cheese flavour, which were both the Original KFC with an added seasoning powder. The cheese flavour reminded me of nacho cheese and was interesting, while the onion flavour used onion powder. Between the two, I liked the cheese flavour more but was expecting actual real cheese. It was an interesting twist, but I did like the regular and spicy sauce the most.

Overall, I am very happy to welcome Mymy Chicken to North York and am looking forward to many more visits. Next time, I am eager to try to the Green Onion Chicken.

Mymy ChickenMymy ChickenMymy ChickenMymy Chicken
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