Atmosphere: The interior of Quince has a very industrial look with metal tables, exposed brick and concrete and hanging pendant lights. The front of the restaurant are large glass panels looking out onto Yonge where a patio area is set up in the summer months. I love the touch of bright red metal chairs in the central dining area. Thereโ€™s a more intimate dining area closer to the kitchen, near the bar.

Service: We were about 30 minutes late for our reservation, I called to let them know and they were very understanding. Our server even asked if we were in a rush and was very considerate of the time. ย Our entrees arrived just as we were finishing up the bread basket.

Food: I really like the hummus that Quince serves with their bread basket in place of butter. Itโ€™s still rich and creamy but less guilt inducing. For entrees, we both had the house made pasta. I ordered the daily pappardelle special with scallops, double smoked bacon and watercress while my friend had the fettuccine with mushrooms, a soft boiled egg and freshly grated cheese. I liked the pappardelle a lot, the flavours of the scallops and bacon were really rich and savoury. The scallops were cooked well. The only off point was that the sauce was a bit oily. The fettucine looked amazing as well and the soft boiled egg was perfect.

In the past, Iโ€™ve also visited Quince during winterlicious and tried their flat iron steak grilled panini. The experience is always a nice treat during the workweek.

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