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Chez Laurent

I walk by Chez Laurent daily on my way to work and am always charmed by the restaurant, housed in a bungalow surrounded by condos. When a sign was erected nearby last year announcing a newly proposed building, I knew I had to stop by Chez Laurent at least once in the near future, just

Pho 88 North York

Pho is such a comfort food for me, the hot bowl of rice noodles and  savoury broth is perfect for cold days and filling but lighter than ramen noodles or rice. At least once a month the craving for a bowl hits me and I’m glad there’s an authentic option close by. I like my

Macarons in Toronto

I’ve recently fallen in love with macarons and have been slowly trying out the “best” bakeries in Toronto whenever I happen to be in the area (also checkout blogTO’s pictures, much better quality and full reviews). My personal preference for macarons is an airy shell with a lighter filling, which means ganachs and caramels taste a

Ajisen Ramen

I will preface this to say I am a big fan of Ramen, and not too picky when it comes to this dish. I like instant ramen, cup noodle ramen, I’ve also had ramen at some amazing ramen places in Manhattan and the authentic deal in Japan. What I look for in a bowl of