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One year later and over a span of 8 months, I am finally finished blogging about Asia. My 5 week trip was filled with family, new adventures with The Hubby and of course, a lot of food. I’ve loved writing each post, re-living the memories and capturing my memories on paper (digitally). Travelling the world has always been a passion for me and I can’t wait to keep documenting and sharing my experiences.

We spent the last day of our trip exploring Bangkok and enjoying the street food. We had landed the afternoon before and enjoyed dinner at Nahm, ranked #37 on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Located inside the Como Metropolitan hotel, the restaurant was modern and elegant. Tables were well spaced out providing privacy, perfect for a romantic evening. Although the dining area was dimly lit, a light over each table illuminated the food. Vases filled with large bouquets of fresh flowers decorated the room. Nahm was a completely different experience from Cuisine Wat Damnak, which also felt elegant but secluded and far more relaxed.

Our server was friendly and soft spoken. The Hubby and I decided to order the set menu, which meant choosing one dish from each section of the menu, which also meant a lot of questions for our patient server. Service was impeccable, I don’t think there was even a second when my water glass was less than half empty, this was key considering how spicy our meal turned out to be. In fact when The Maitre D’ stopped by to check on us, I was literally crying from how spicy a dish was. I gushed about how amazing our meal was as the tears kept flowing. He chuckled politely and chatted with use for a few minutes.

Ordering the set menu included a selection of canapes and then we could choose one dish per person from each section of the menu. It felt like the stream of dishes were endless and we were pleasantly full. Some of the dishes, especially the Hot and Sour soup (tears inducing) were deadly spicy. Dinner began 4 canapes featuring seasonal ingredients and strong Thai flavours like basil and lime. One canape had a slice of pineapple that was just ripe, wonderfully sweet and tart. Another was savoury fried pork with bean sprouts served on a delicate fried egg tortilla, a miniature Banh Xeo.

The next 4 courses were served together family style and included two relishes, two curries, two mains and two soups. We shared every dish except the soups, where I ordered the Hot and Sour Mushroom soup while The Hubby choose a coconut milk based one. In hindsight his choice was the smarter one, having a creamy dish to eat in between fiery bites of the curries and relishes. I was blown away by how fragrant each dish, with plenty of fresh herbs and spices. The relishes were sweet and savoury without being overpowering. I only wish I had a higher tolerance for spice. I think that would have made the meal even more enjoyable. As is, The Hubby and I couldn’t finish some of the dishes with our burning lips, tongues, mouths, everythings.

Dessert was a rice pudding with pandan and coconut pancakes like we had in laos. The rice pudding was phenomenal and a tasty salve for my burnt taste buds. Overall, dinner at Nahm was refined with a wide array of dishes and service was exquisite. I do wish the dishes were either more accessible or that we had ordered milder ones.

Bangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – NahmBangkok – Nahm

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