I met up with The Hubby after work one day near University and Queen. We were both hungry and decided to grab something quick for dinner downtown before heading home. Gyugyuya was a draw as we both have a soft spot for Japanese curry. We walked into the long, narrow, very yellow, restaurant on Dundas are were quickly directed to bar seats. Each seat already had a spork and set of chopsticks set out on a napkin. Gyugyuya was a quick-serve style restaurant and the majority of diners were students. A fair number of people were eating solo, which the individual bar seats allowed for comfortably.

The Hubby decided on the Tonkatsu Curry while I ordered the Karaage Curry. Both meals were served on tin trays, came with rice, shredded cabbage and a hardboiled egg. I found the spork useful to scoop up the curry rice and mostly used my chopsticks to pick up things. With my karaage, there was a large pile of chicken on a small pile of rice with a dark, thick, curry sauce. I loved the strong pepper flavour of the curry and the chicken was well done. I actually wish more rice was included, as I had plenty of sauce leftover without anything to soak it up. The Hubby felt the same. His katsu was crispy and juicy but he also had curry left over. This was probably the first time ever, where we agreed that more rice would have made the meal better.

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