Union Social Eatery

My eyes light up when a new restaurant opens in my neighbourhood. While there’s plenty of Asian fare in North York, Western cuisine is harder to come by, especially brunch. I usually make the trek down to St. Clair or Dupont when the need for waffles or hollandaise sauce kicks in. Thus, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the brunch menu at the newly opened Union Social Eatery.

Atmosphere: Union Social Eatery has taken over the space that used to be Estrella Taqueria (who used to be Smokey’s). There was a new paint job, some of the decor has changed but overall the restaurant layout has stayed consistent. Tables were lined against the store front with doors that could be opened for fresh air, there’s plenty of booths and room for large groups. Music was loud and the atmosphere relaxed.

Service: The Hubby and I met my friend and her one year old at the restaurant. Our server could not have been more friendly and accommodating. She checked up on us often, made silly faces, and was great at taking care of our table. Unfortunately, our food took almost 30 minutes to arrive. We were the first customers that day at 11am, not early for brunch and few tables were occupied shortly after. If there wasn’t a small child keeping us busy and entertained, the wait would have been painful and far more pronounced.

Food: While we focused on the weekend brunch menu, Union Social’s full food menu was available to order from as well. Each plate was served with fresh watermelon slices and a shot of strawberry yogurt. I chose the breakfast burger ($12.95) while The Hubby had the Eggs Benedict with Pancetta ($14.95). Both dishes also came with a side of smashed potatoes.

For what was plated, I thought the menu prices were a bit high. Both dishes were satisfying but had a list of pros and cons that overall left me feeling meh. Between the two, the eggs benedict was better seasoned and stronger flavours. However the hollandaise sauce looked like it was baked, had formed a crust and was not even remotely liquid. This was pretty disappointing and wasn’t stated in the menu description. I also found the yolk not runny enough.

My breakfast burger was the more filling choice and I enjoyed each bite, but it wasn’t a dish I couldn’t cook at home myself. I would not have missed the small shot of strawberry yogurt.

Overall, I need to re-visit and try their regular menu before settling on a final opinion. On brunch alone, It feels like there are still wrinkles to be ironed out in the kitchen and the hollandaise sauce needs a facelift.

Union Social EateryUnion Social Eatery
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