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Being on vacation for all of June meant I could only squeeze in one Summerlicious meal this year. After looking through all the menus, Bestellen’s spoke to me the loudest. Charcuterie appetizer and steak entree, it was really an easy choice.

Atmosphere: Compared to the storefront, Bestellen had a surprisingly large dining area that was narrow and long. As we were shown to our table, we walked by the steak aging room that showed off beautiful hunks of meat, my kind of eye candy. The lighting was dim, while not ideal for photos, it was romantic and intimate. Decor was a masculine with dark walls, exposed pipes, natural wood planks and a giant mural of meat.

Service: Our server was friendly and accommodating. He checked up on us frequently, asked about beer refills and was generously a great experience. Our food arrived without any delays and I felt looked after.

Food: The Hubby and I usually try to order different menu items so we can share and try more dishes. At Bestellen, we maintained this strategy for the appetizer and dessert, but we both wanted the steak. I started with the Grilled Squid appetizer while he had the Charcuterie.

The squid was cooked to just done, making it very tender and easy to chew. It was lightly seasoned and really carried the flavour of the Romesco sauce and fennel. The charred scallions added an edge of umami to the dish, a light refresh start. Considering this was a set menu for $35, I was impressed with the size of the charcuterie plate, there was 2-3 slices of each meat, plenty to share. While not a full offering, I found the plate to be a good sample of what Bestellen’s full menu has to offer.

All three of us ended up ordering the Dry Aged Striploin entree with crispy fingerling potatoes, salsa verde and charred rapini. Again the portion was generous for the price and the aged steak cooked to a perfect medium. The meat was an excellent cut, tender and juicy. Of all the summerlicious meals I’ve had, this was hands down the best beef dish. In fact, even compared to a popular steakhouse I visited later that month, Bestellen had them beat.

For dessert we split the Chocolate Budino and Lemon and Pistachio cake. The square of cake was served hot warm with candied lemon strings and sherry cream, a rich but not overly sweet plate. The budino on the other hand was thick, chocolatey, topped with fresh whipped cream and decadent. Any chocolate lover would have been satisfied.

For me, Summerlicious has always been an opportunity to try new restaurants or re-visit establishments that has delivered in the past. Some restaurants can be overwhelmed by the volume of diners and there’s a notable drop in service or food. Bestellen was excellent, which makes me eager to visit again and taste their full menu.

Bestellen – ClosedBestellen – ClosedBestellen – ClosedBestellen – ClosedBestellen – Closed
Bestellen – Closed
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