Whenever work brings me downtown during the day, I take the opportunity to eat out for lunch. Downtown Toronto is full of great, low-priced lunch options scattered in basement food courts. Kaiju resides in one such food court, underneath a giant Bed Bath & Beyond, the small food court only has occupants for half the space and the seats still look newly installed.

Kaiju was a little hard to find. I got lost and was worried my lunch hour would have to be cut short. A few panicked texts to The Fiance set me back on the right track. Despite the non-descript location, Kaiju had a steady stream of customers while I enjoyed my lunch tray.

Being a food court, service was minimal. The booth was clean and the menu was displayed overhead. I placed my order, credit cards were accepted and was directed to take a seat. I sat near the counter so when my meal was ready, I picked it up myself. For customers that sat farther away, the lady working the counter walked the trays to them, a nice touch.

Kaiju’s menu was straight forward and included a few fusion dishes. I was there for the curry. With each curry order, you basically choose your protein, and it’s served with rice and a salad. I ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry, which came with a scoop of coleslaw. The chicken was beaten thin, lightly battered and very crispy. I did find the meat a little stringy, because of how flattened it was. Kaiju’s curry is homemade and slow cooked for 2 days. The rich, gravy like sauce was delectable. Smooth, thick and the definition of comfort. I would have liked a little more heat, but it was still amazing. There is the option of ordering just rice and curry sauce, so so tempting.

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