Sogong-Dong Tofu House

A group of us met up for lunch at Sogong-Dong Tofu House just as a snowstorm hit Markham. While the fluffy flakes fell outside, it was comforting to sip on the hot and spicy tofu stew inside. Sogong-Dong is located in First Markham Place where parking is always a challenge. The restaurant itself was quiet that day (people who heeded snow warnings and stayed home?) and our group of 7 was seated comfortably along one wall.

A friend and I shared a lunch combo that included a full size bibimbap and an adorable sized tofu stew (about half a full order). Both dishes were well seasoned and arrived sizzling/boiling hot. There was plenty of nice burnt rice on the bottom of the bibimbap bowl and the spicy sauce provided was strong. Overall the food was pretty standard to above par and had great flavour. Service was kind of meh. While it was a slow day, our table was still pretty much ignored. Only one server was working the dining room, but there were only at most three groups eating at a time. We didn’t get any drinks or side dishes refilled.

If you’re craving tofu stew and in Markham, Sogong-Dong will satisfy it.
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